Monday, November 14, 2016

Just call me an American first please

Hello, according to the ruling class I am a "non-college white Christian woman" who voted for Donald Trump.

What? Those words about me say so much without me.

I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton because,from  my reference point,she stands for the following things:

-The plundering of gold and aid money from Haiti

-The bombing and forced famine/genocide of Yemeni children



-Spirit Cooking

-Sexual harassment victim shaming

-Partial Birth Abortion

-Name shaming people who don't believe in HER

-Antagonizing Veterans

-Blaming men for everything

-Gender entitlement



-Personal greed and personal enrichment at the expense of others

-LGBTQXYZLMNOPQRST......a new letter every month (very confusing)bathroom politics

-PC Bullying

-Blaming people like me for the problems in the country

Now the election is over and I am being held responsible for losing the American Dream to a hate crime. Really ?

Yes really. The intelligentsia has packaged and shrink wrapped me, a "non-college white Christian woman" to denounce me as a hater,a bigot, xenophobic ,homophobic,racist,deplorable,etc. Other voters are relentlessly shrink wrapped too.We hear of "Latinos" and "non-college white men over thirty","millennials","college white men","college white women", "African-American women", "African-American men","Asian-Americans", and on and on.

Is this what we're about today? Categories?

There are some contexts in which racial,religious and economic designations make sense,such as addressing historic vulnerabilities and injustices as well as prosecuting hate crimes and working to correct inequality. But a hyper emphasis on categorical designations can pave the way for categorical designations becoming the primary way that we think about each other. That is dangerous.

Most people come to America because they want to escape identity politics. Around the globe,tribal,religious,cultural and ancestral hatreds run deep. If one is born a Bosnian Muslim one has significant identity suspicion to overcome in neighboring Serbia.If one is born a Sikh in Pakistan,one might have significant prejudice to overcome in neighboring Hindu Kashmir. If one is born a Jew in Tel Aviv ,one may encounter significant prejudice in neighboring Gaza.These deep suspicions create unsafe spaces for people to live,move,work and raise children.

Here in America we have prejudice but it is nothing like it is in other parts of the world. In cities and small towns across our country,people of different races creeds and convictions eat together,shop together, go to the same movie theaters and malls, visit the same hospitals and frequent the same civic celebrations such as Independence day picnics. It's not always perfect but most Americans live their lives under relatively less strife than clashing cultures create in other countries. We still have a lot of work to do but the overall progress we've made together is remarkable.

Some of our ancestors came to these shores to escape being shrink wrapped and labeled into categories by elites who saw them as politically threatening. Some were brought here by force because of being shrink wrap categorized by skin color.

Putting people into categories as the primary way of considering their significance or lack thereof is wrong. It always leads to group oppression of some kind.

If we are going to move forward improving on a common vision of equal dignity then identity politicians need find other ways of relating to us. Otherwise we risk losing that unique vision shared by so many which is recognizing one another as fellow Americans first.

Being an American first is what makes us a nation,...a people out of many, one.