Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Transparency of the Trump Campaign and the Hypocrisy of the Left

It is an undeniable part of our shared American cultural history that artistic ideas, songs,lyrics dance and humor have been cribbed  from black people by white folks many times over. Some of this has been acknowledged, but much of it has not.A recent blaring example is that of Mylie Cyrus and her twerking.This dance move was lifted from the black dance culure move for move.There was an outcry from black women but no one apologized.No one got sued for cultural  copyright infringement and none of Mylie's coreographers stepped up to acknowledge the infraction.Why not?

We as Americans are also familiar with what happened to the majority of Motown artists who were systematically robbed and exploited by their agents only to die in poverty and obscurity.In Bluegrass music history, Bill Monroe is acknowledged as the primogenitor of the genre.Little attention and almost no acknokledgement  is paid to his teacher, a black fiddler named Arnold Shultz.

That Melania was inspired by Michelle Obama's words is now an established fact.Today's admission from the Trump Campaign is a tribute to their ability and willingness to be transparent rather than manipulate and cover up which they also have the power to do.The admission serves to further contrast the character of the Trump Family from the anti-charachter of the Clintons who marshall every perk of power time and time again to line their pockets and absolve themselves of wrongdoing. Bill Clinton has openly and publicly said many things which are demeaning and patronizing to American blacks but he is never called on it. He plays the role of the white trash supremicist overlord stuck in the deep and dark entitlements of the unchurched South. The American people got another good and upclose snapshot of this when he recently bullied Loretta Lynch on the tarmac into exhonerating his wife.And after being made to bend over, the nation's first female African-american Attorney General was then made to lie about it. Loretta Lynch as well as the Justice Department got lynched that day by the Clinton machine.Who knows what's coming next from their Dixie Mafia ? If past is prologue then God help us all.

Will Michelle's speech writers now demand a formal and direct public apology from the Trump Campaign? They might. And they could.But doing so only raises the bar for everybody when it comes to plaigerism, the Clinton's their staff of 700 plus, the bloodthirsty media and Hollywood exeutives included. This new standard of scrutiny,I believe unfairly and singularly applied to Melania Trump, an ESL speaker unschooled in the tradecraft of wordsmithing, now points a mighty finger back at the establishment. "Cribbing" happens alot. If an innocent newcomer to the public arena is maligned by this then the eyes of equality are wide open to the patently un-level playing field where a big commupance is rightly due.

That Melania Trump sees Michelle Obama as a role model is inspiring.I hope the two women can ackowledge that privately without being shouted down by the current racial division conglomerate. We really need leaders to model repair as a counrty and a culture right now.

As for MSNBC, CNN and the other scandal dependant anti-visionaries... do your job and talk about the bigger racial story affecting regular people instead of just crafting political narratives to suiit and confirm your own bias in order to score political points on the moment.We the people are sick of it!

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