Thursday, July 21, 2016

Donald Trump: Best friend of Single Moms

Every woman knows how much we rely on good men to protect us from the baser male instincts. Most of us have been groped,howled at,made to endure lewd jokes feigning laughter, and demoralized by the epidemic objectification of women in pornography which lowers our status overall. Despite the current language of equality,we know well that our relative physical weakness objectified bears big league signifigance in day to day life. Stature, chemistry and hormones can prejudice women in social contexts that exceed the material world. This is our reality. We are the more vulnerable gender. So when a good guy treats us with dignity or shows up to champion our vulnerability, his status in our eyes grows exponential.
What is a good guy ? A good guy is a hero. A man who champions a woman's dignity against other men. This is the natural vocation of fathers, husbands and brothers. When a guy champions a woman outside his natural protective purview, especially a girl who finds herself alone in the room or in the world, then he assumes the rank of super-hero. Who is a super-hero ? He's Ken Cucinelli escorting a lady off the convention floor when her husband isn't by her side. He is the busy man who makes time to walk a woman to her car at night without asking for that hug in return. He's the policeman or the EMT who shows up when she's disheveled and exposed and,rather than degrading her accordingly, speaks words of kindness.He's the guy who draws a line in the sand and reminds a circle of executioners that she is a human being. He's the father that every girl dreams of and the husband that every woman cherishes once she's found that pearl of great price.He's the boss or co-worker who smiles at her face and listen's respectfully to her voice when she's talking. He's the patron who picks up the napkin on the floor so the waitress doesn't have to bend.He is the deep,resonating sound of chivalry when women and children are in distress because of other men. He is the exception not the rule. I had a super-hero once. My gratitude towards him will never see an end.
Today I have another. His name is Donald Trump.
Along with millions of my fellow Americans I have been watching the Trump children take center stage and share their remarkable intelligence and strength of charachter. They are a testament to Donald Trump the man. No dad can fake great kids and the Trump children are by all measure, emotionally balanced and exceptionally unentitled. What impressed me the most was a little noticed one line from Tiffany Trump's speech. Tiffany shared how her dad regularly inquired after the wellbeing of her relatives in Georgia. "What?,I thought agahst."  "Aren't those Marla Maples' relatives ?".Wow.
When a marriage ends badly, the kids almost always catch the brunt of their parents wrath. Usually, the custodial parent or the wealthier parent turns the children against the other, implicitly or explicitly through emotional manipulation, bribes or outright shaming. Both men and women do this. It is the rare but stellar exception when a parent who has more power shows deference to their child's DNA and alows the child to indulge in love of parents and other relatives without punishment. Parental alienation is epidemic in our society. The emotional devastation on children is only just being considered, and then barely enough. Last night the Trump family took a bazooka to this plague. Not by proposing new legislation and regulation, but by their example. The Trump family is ,like so many families, familiar with divorce and it's incumbant problems. Under Donald's leadership, they appear to have worked it out really well.That he shows respect for Marla Maples as the mother of his child is amazing! Now every dead beat dad,creep and lech who admires the Donald just got a wake up call. If you want to be macho,... if you want to be masculine, then do like the nouveau uber-mensch who loves his kids by respecting the women who gave them life. Step up men and rise to the occasion of fatherhood by treating single moms with decency. If you do this you will gain power not lose it. Your kids will be better not worse and you will revel in the glory of their admiration as you grow old. Donald Trump's iconic role modeling will absolutely play out in actual and real change on Main Street by the millions at a time of cultural crisis when young men especially need examples of moral behavior to emulate. By every measure, boys in America are being left behind in school and in life partly because dads are not embracing the challenging vocation of shared parenting outside of wedlock. Donald Trump's life does not highlight perfection. He has two failed marriages. His life models positive problem solving and a better way out of social conflict. Donald Trump models working solutions.
The Bible says that when God heals a nation and a culture He "turns the hearts of the father's towards their children." There are millions of fatherless kids in America today being raised by single moms who can't seem to catch a break. Donald Trump just gave us an enormous boost. He has established a much needed higher standard of what looks like ideal male behavior for tens of millions of American men by publicly elevating the role of fatherhood in and outside of wedlock. By default, Donald Trump has just become a best friend to single moms.

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