Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This is why Apple is tanking:

Here's why Apple Shares will not hit 200$ in 12 months.

-The ifone is too expensive starting at "from 549-"

-The ifone is not water proof
 If you have kids or you do laundry,your device has a good chance of ending up in the wash,the sink or the toilet.This happens more than once.

-Apple insurance is a scam that does not pay

-The ifone screen breaks/shatters easily
 If you have kids,you probably use your device to babysit or just get a quiet 15 minute break to watch TV or stare out the window.Kids drop phones and they break.Most people can't afford the replacement costs.

-The constant updates are annoying

-The video feature trumpets, "We are terrified that you might use your device as a pitchfork,so it must becut, curtailed and controlled!"-which says...."we don't like you or trust you."

-With enough gig and a decent data plan to really use apple features,the overall cost of an ifone plus the necessary accessories like screens and waterproof cases is over one thousand dollars.That is un-affordable.


So are the rumors true about Apple factories being really horrible places to work ? Are the employee suicide stories worse than what gets reported ? Probably.

If I were an "emerging consumer" in China who knew someone who knew someone who makes Apple products I might not be inclined to jump in line for those greedy bosses, especially not if I have to go into debt to have what I can find elsewhere for about 50 bucks.

As the tongue wagging hedgers wax orgasmic about potential gargantuan profit margins from one billion Chinese consumers, the Chinese consumers, as well as our own might just be reminding Wall Street that we are human ,not droids after all.Some respect would help you as much as it helps us.

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