Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This is why Apple is tanking:

Here's why Apple Shares will not hit 200$ in 12 months.

-The ifone is too expensive starting at "from 549-"

-The ifone is not water proof
 If you have kids or you do laundry,your device has a good chance of ending up in the wash,the sink or the toilet.This happens more than once.

-Apple insurance is a scam that does not pay

-The ifone screen breaks/shatters easily
 If you have kids,you probably use your device to babysit or just get a quiet 15 minute break to watch TV or stare out the window.Kids drop phones and they break.Most people can't afford the replacement costs.

-The constant updates are annoying

-The video feature trumpets, "We are terrified that you might use your device as a pitchfork,so it must becut, curtailed and controlled!"-which says...."we don't like you or trust you."

-With enough gig and a decent data plan to really use apple features,the overall cost of an ifone plus the necessary accessories like screens and waterproof cases is over one thousand dollars.That is un-affordable.


So are the rumors true about Apple factories being really horrible places to work ? Are the employee suicide stories worse than what gets reported ? Probably.

If I were an "emerging consumer" in China who knew someone who knew someone who makes Apple products I might not be inclined to jump in line for those greedy bosses, especially not if I have to go into debt to have what I can find elsewhere for about 50 bucks.

As the tongue wagging hedgers wax orgasmic about potential gargantuan profit margins from one billion Chinese consumers, the Chinese consumers, as well as our own might just be reminding Wall Street that we are human ,not droids after all.Some respect would help you as much as it helps us.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Disability,Gun Violence, and the Broad Brush of Prejudice

Thursday, January 14, 2016
6:12 PM

Do terrorists take Prozac ? One might assume these days that they do. There is legislation  afoot at the state and federal level which imposes hefty privacy violations on people like me because of an escalation of gun violence/terrorism in America. I can't put into words how profoundly discouraging it is to watch this happening from the sidelines. As an American who counts herself among the many millions of people in this country who take anti-depressants, I find the discriminatory rhetoric deeply degrading.

My experience tells me that there is a difference between mental illness and evil. Evil seeks to kill, to steal and to destroy. It does not regard the mystery of human existence as something to be cherished and protected. It is darkness. It celebrates death rather that respecting it as an inevitable component of life.

Disability is challenging. Both for those who suffer from it as well as for those who must make room for it. It  is often experienced as a negative. And yet it also can function as an elevator of the human condition because it causes us to surrender our common assumptions about people who are different from ourselves. Disabled people illicit a necessary pause in the hurried and determined competitions of life. Learning to see the unique beauty of a disabled person is often a spiritually uplifting experience. The interaction serves to dilate the heart and expand the mind as we take the time and energy to discover a divine spark which is perhaps hidden beneath a few layers of dust and grime, strange smells, or even our own hard won opinions. Disability opens our eyes to deeper levels of meaning in the everyday world around us.

My brother suffered from schizophrenia for 27 years before he finally gave up and took his life two years ago. Henry heard voices in his head and on the radio which taunted him relentlessly. The voices told him that he was "Hitler" and "the Beast of the Apocalypse". The doctors told us that we needed to remind Henry that the voices weren't real. I never did that. Henry's voices were very real to him. If you didn't know my brother and just read his emails, you might get the impression that he was some kind of neo-nazi. It's because he had to reckon with those voices somehow. They were unrelenting in their pursuit of his simple goodness. He was turned away at the airport a few times for probably that reason. Sometimes he would say the wrong thing. But Henry was the farthest thing from threatening. Everyone who actually knew my brother knew that his soul was as gentle as a dove. He never hit me once growing up. He never taunted me or called me names. Behind the unattractive exterior of an unzipped pant fly or a three day old ketchup stain on his shirt, his kindness was really special. He was incapable of judging people in the way that we all do. Like most people who suffer from the disease of schizophrenia , Henry had a beautiful mind  and extraordinary courage. Just imagine the strength of will required to spend most waking hours hearing a cacophony of evil taunts inside and outside of your head with no hope of a cure on the horizon. Imagine for a moment wearing the scorn, the rejection, the humiliation that comes from the ugly stigma of a disease which more often than not generated revulsion in healthy people. Imagine living in a world where everyone suspects you of being a killer because our leaders say you're inescapable condition casts you into the same category as Isis. I'm sure that I would give up after a few years. Wouldn't you ?

If I were in a leadership position I would stop the rhetoric that demonizes and marginalizes people who suffer from mental illnesses. A mental health diagnosis does not define a person's character and should not determine a person's equal treatment before the law.People like my brother need our help and our hope, not our worst fears confounded. The people who go on killing sprees may or may not have a mental illness. Mentally ill does not mean homicidal or hateful.Studies show that violent behavior is not  necessarily connected to mental illness My brother Henry never touched a gun and he was incapable of hate .His biggest problem was that he loved people too much and was too trusting. Henry is no longer with us but his memory still inspires me to be a better person and build a better world. I hope that others like him  aren't unjustly penalized because of a disability. Mental illness isn't the danger. Becoming so afraid that we discredit and marginalize groups of people with a broad brush of suspicion is dangerous. If this demagoguery continues unabated, we all lose.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Trump phenomenom and the Sentimentality of Jazz

Sentimentality has it's term but too much of it can be a killer.Especially in politics when the playbook du jour is from the last century.Take Jazz for example. It was really great while it lasted. Seemingly immortal, it's popularity dissipated  like the once vigorous hair on the heads of it's mostly bald demographic. Surely musicologists and historians will study this uniquely American cultural phenomenon in retrospective, but don't expect to see much of it on Spotify. Jazz is passe like Washington punditry and Presidents from Arkansas. As goes twentieth century theory and esoterica, it's outdated.

Authentic transparency is the new sociopiate of the people. It's the new naked, the new black, the new minimalism.Why? Because in a dialectical sense, uncut truth telling has been missing from our political culture for far too long and is emerging as the new thesis. As human beings , we are more sensitive to sound than we have ever been in history. We are hearing each other streaming every day and all day long, in every space we inhabit. And when we are moving,we use earbuds and headphones. This makes us discerning and acute listeners, which is why the tone of confessional truth is more compelling in a politician  than any message or policy position. After the manifold deceptions and failures of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, we are thirsty for honesty and will gravitate to it even at the expense of integrity. Trump will win the Presidency because he's the only candidate who understands this.If you're uncomfortable about Trump as a phenome,don't blame the American people,blame the pundits who failed to deliver an alternative. In order for a candidate to be viable in this political climate, they must be present-hearing and future focused. While past-grasping pundits stage outdated paradigms of political theater,the Trump campaign is operating in Reality TV mode, a little bit staged but mostly wingin' it. The man says what he thinks without reservation and that is what people are tuned in to. Call it the Kardashian effect.

Meanwhile,back at the Capitol, the FDR crowd is scripting the next press conference,point by point,by spurious point referring to the American people in such terms of un-endearment as "the field","the bloc" and "that sector",casting them in with the various and sundry creatures of the forest.Trump's talks sound like conversations or twelve-step meetings. This approach is something entirely new in it's raw and naked appeal. Much like the Fireside Chats  forever changed the tenure of political discourse in America, social media has changed the way we respond to public figures.The traditional distinctions of public and private no longer apply.  From this perspective one can see how Trump's best asset is his lack of political coaching. He is ignorant of the old paradigm and doesn't operate in it which enlivens his appeal. Can his rivals unlearn all they know in time and adapt ? It's a tough call but my money is on the Twitter man.All the others are like Jazz.