Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chicago needs Abe Lincoln, not Rahm the bombe

The mark of a truly great artist is the ability to connect with the audience. Ask any stage performer about this relationship. It is deeply passionate and real. So why is Rahm Emmanuel facing a crisis of connection with his constituency? His years as a dancer should have prepared him for this subtle yet magical exchange between the performer and the crowd. Sure politics in Chicago isn't hardly art. It's more like crime fiction on meth. But systematic torture in the police department ?...., of young black men back as far back as 1990 ? Seriously ? How did this tragic violation of human rights take place in one of America's greatest cities without ever becoming a focus of concern, year after year ? And with the city's favorite son in The White House ? One need only read these articles by Chicago columnist John Conroy to recognize that there is a legacy of police brutality in the Windy City which more closely resembles that of the Spanish Inquisition than our own homeland. The case of Officer Van Dyke is no exception.

Leadership is tough. Cover-ups among power brokers are commonplace. In politics, scandals happen. Even great politicians get caught up in the blindness of greed and it's distressingly downward gravitational pull. The true leader dares to challenge entrenched injustice no matter how uncomfortable the necessary actions may make the ruling class. The visionary sees wrongs and is not spooked by them. To have a powerful vision and a keen sense of the people's pulse is what it takes to inspire and lead.If Rahm Immanuel has this then it is incumbent upon him to exercise courage and face down this bleak episode by resigning. He will earn respect by this action which could work as a pretext to redeeming his reputation. It is the only way Chicago can move on.

There is so much big money in politics today and Americans are sick of it.The appeal of Donald Trump is that he exists beyond the festering corruption inside the beltway which is,quite frankly, pretty disgusting. The truth is, black lives do matter, as do white lives and all other lives. Why? Because this is America and we choose to make them matter. We are better than places and systems where only the rich, the powerful and the most violent have a say. Ok we aren't perfect but we are unique in that we ultimately expect more from ourselves as a community when things aren't working the way they should. We know that we can change the paradigm, however slowly. We have seen it done, and we know it can happen again.

Let's finally close Guantanamo like a bad chapter in a sad,sad,story and banish torture from our shores once and for all, We can't afford to loose what shines about our country which is that exceptionally high and long reach of hope which is a beacon to the world.It is our hope of becoming better that we were, and even better than we are.This is the hope that leads us into tomorrow with our faces firmly fixed towards the dawn of a better day.As our great president Abraham Lincoln once so boldly proclaimed, this is America, the last,best hope on earth.